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Many people are shocked and confused when faced with a product liability case. After all, the companies spend millions each year on advertising these products but yet, in most instances, there is no money spent warning the public about the problems that can occur because of them. No one wants to think that their car may be defective or that the bottle of shampoo they are using could be burning their skin, but this can sometimes happen. And, if you have been injured or suffered an illness from a product, then you could be looking at a product liability lawsuit.

Product Liability Instances

Product liability is defined as compensation awarded to people who have been injured by a dangerous or defective product. This can include the following products:

  • Defective cars or vehicle parts such as tires
  • Toddler and baby toys
  • Children’s toys and play sets
  • Electronics
  • Safety equipment such as child car seats
  • Medicine
  • Medical devices

In addition to every day products, product liability lawsuits can also be filed against company’s selling non tangible items. For example, faulty electricity and faulty blue prints on a house can both lead to injuries down the road.

Who is to Blame?

There are a number of people that could be to blame for your serious injury due to a defective product. In many instances it is the fault of the manufacturing company. Other times it may be the fault of the supplier, the distributor, the wholesaler or the advertiser. In some instances many different companies may be the blame for your accident.

Types of Product Liability Cases

Essentially there are two kinds of product liability cases – negligence and manufacturing defects as well as design defects. Negligence and manufacturing cases revolve around a product that is found defective due to the negligence of the manufacturing plant. Manufacturing defects occur at the plant but often one person is not to blame – the entire company is at fault. A manufacturing defect may be a faulty seat belt made out of poor material. Although the design is good, the material is not and thus rips on impact.

In addition to negligence and manufacturing defects, you may also be looking at a design defect, which occurs during the design process. There is also the chance of a marketing defect, which happens when there is a lack of information or false information on the marketing front.

Defective Product Injuries

There are a number of injuries and accidents that can occur because of a faulty product. Broken bones, head trauma and permanent disability are just a few of the injuries we have seen due to a defective product. In addition to the physical pain, you may also suffer emotionally and financially, especially if you are unable to work while recovering from the injury.

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers

It is critical that you seek legal representation when looking into a product liability case. McEwen & Kestner, PLLC has the experience and the compassion you are looking for when it comes to a personal injury law firm.

Don’t let someone else’s mistake ruin the rest of your life.  Contact McEwen & Kestner, PLLC at 651-224-3833 or toll free at 800-732-3070 today to get the legal advice and financial compensation you deserve.

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Their expertise made the experience hassle-free, hopeful and honest. They genuinely understood my pain and suffering. After giving them the name of the insurance company, the names of each doctor, and a little background information Peter took over! With a simple monthly check-in from me, a demand letter went out for a settlement in a matter of months.
I was blown away by the results! Within just 2 weeks of negotiation, Peter landed a settlement rate with the insurance company, while keeping me involved via quick 5-10 minute phone calls! The settlement amount was 90% more than I anticipated; I felt relieved, and adequately compensated.
Less than a month later, my check settlement check has processed through their office and is on its way to me! ”
★★★★★ 5/5 Stars -Kay

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