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A birth injury can be one of the most devastating injuries. Giving birth to your child should be one of the best days of your life, but due to negligent actions, it doesn’t always happen as expected. After going through a traumatic event like this, most people are focused on recovering and getting the care that is necessary for their child. However, these events often lead to a lot of medical bills and financial stress that just add to the suffering. This stress can be relieved by hiring a MN birth injury lawyer and filing a birth injury lawsuit to get the compensation you and your child deserve.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a birth injury due to negligence, contact McEwen & Kestner, PLLC today to see how we can help.

Birth Injury Accidents

A birth injury consists of harm to the infant that occurs while the mother is in labor or giving birth. These type of personal injuries are most often caused by negligence on the doctor’s part and are often preventable. These injuries are often caused by practices and actions that consist of:

-Improper technique used when pulling the baby out during delivery

-Improper use of birthing tools

-Improper administration of medication during pregnancy or labor

-Failure to monitor the fetal heartbeat and distress

-Failure to perform emergency C-section

Common birth injuries that infants suffer from due to negligent actions include Brachial Palsy, Facial Paralysis, Brain Injuries, Caput Succedaneum, and Cephalohematoma.

If an injury occurs after childbirth, it may still be a birth injury due to a doctor’s failure to diagnose or treat certain conditions such as fetal distress. If an infant isn’t monitored correctly, they may develop a postpartum injury shortly after birth.

Why File a Birth Injury Lawsuit?

More often than not, parents are hesitant to file a birth injury lawsuit because they are too busy caring for their child or they feel it would be too stressful, time consuming, or painful to deal with. After a birth injury, parents have so much to deal with in terms of medical appointments and care for their child. That is why it is crucial to hire an experienced birth injury attorney to help make the process as easy and stress free as possible. It is also important to file a lawsuit because it can help you receive financial compensation for your child’s injury.

A birth injury lawsuit can help your family recover compensation for damages including

-Medical and healthcare expenses

-Pain and suffering

-Lost wages

-Emotional distress

Minnesota Statute of Limitations for Birth Injury Lawsuit Claims

The law in Minnesota says that medical malpractice claims accrue upon the termination of medical treatment by the health care provider. There are two different types of claims that apply to the statute of limitations for birth injury claims. One of these types occurs when the parents directly sue for compensation. This type of lawsuit must be brought within 4 years of the date that the cause of action happens. The second type is child claims which suspends the four-year statutory limitation period if the person injured is a minor. This suspension will last 7 years or one year following his or her 18th birthday, whichever is sooner. At this point, the four-year statute of limitation resumes.

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Hearing that your baby is suffering from a birth injury that was caused by actions and events that could have been prevented is extremely difficult to cope with. This is such an emotional and overwhelming time to deal with and there are often so many things to do to care for your child that money is the last thing that parents want to think about. This type of event is hard enough to overcome emotionally, let alone financially. We can help alleviate this burden by handling all of your legal complications while you focus on yourself and your child.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic birth injury, let us help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact McEwen & Kestner today for a free legal consult.

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