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Your ankle is responsible for holding up the weight of your body. When one hurts their ankle, he is often left with intense pain as well as an inability to walk for a period of time. This can negatively affect your everyday life, making it hard, if not impossible, to work, to run around with the kids and to do normal daily chores such as cooking and cleaning. If you have suffered an ankle injury in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas due to someone else’s negligence, then McEwen & Kestner, PLLC can help you get the financial compensation you need to recover and move on from your accident.

Ankle Fracture Injury Twin Cities

There are seven bones in the ankle. If any of these bones are cracked, broken or fractured, you will most likely need x-rays to confirm the injury as well as expensive surgery to correct the problem. Your ankle is a delicate part of the body that requires precise attention from a specialist. You may need to wait several weeks for the surgery and, if the surgeon is off by even a fraction of a millimeter, you may face life-long problems including swelling, pain, inability to walk or run, inability to wear shoes, problems working and arthritis.

At McEwen & Kestner, our experienced personal injury lawyers handle all ankle and other foot injuries caused by someone else’s negligence.

Some of the more common ankle fracture cases we handle include:

  • Broken ankles
  • Trimalleolar fractures
  • Talus fractures

Trimalleolar Fracture Injuries

Trimalleolar fractures most commonly occur during intense impact, usually caused by a car or truck accident. A trimalleolar fracture is any fracture to the end of the fibula (the lateral malleolus), the end of the medial tibia (the medial malleolus) and the distal tibia (the posterior malleolus). In addition to extreme pain you may also develop nerve damage, blood vessel damage and arthritis due to this ankle injury.

Talus Bone Injuries

The talus bone is the bone that connects the leg and the foot and thus plays an important function to the general movement of the body. If the talus bone is broken or fractured you can expect chronic pain and a possible loss of range of motion and bone collapse down the road.

Treatment for Broken Ankles

There are a number of treatment options for broken or fractured ankles. Usually you will need surgery to align and stabilize the ankle. You can expect to be put off work for several weeks and need to wear a non-weight bearing cast. You won’t be able to put weight on your ankle for 3 months and, unfortunately, your ankle may never be as sturdy or pain free as it was before the accident.

MN Ankle Injury Lawyers

If you have injured your ankle you will most likely need to take time off work and hire someone to help around the house. Why should you have to pay for someone else’s mistake? Our Minneapolis personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that you are compensated financially for the emotional suffering and physical pain caused by your ankle injury.

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