Car Crash Explosion

Burn Injuries Caused By Car Explosions

In the United States, there is a motor vehicle involved in one out of every five fires, and about one in eight deaths by fire are caused by vehicle explosions.

Vehicle explosions occur due to various causes and can result in serious burn injuries as well as other types of lifelong personal injuries. Car accidents caused by reckless driving may cause a gas tank to explode or catch fire. Faulty car design, including poorly placed fuel lines and fuel tanks that are found in numerous sport utility vehicles, may also cause a vehicle explosion when a rollover occurs or other types of car accidents. Whether your accident was caused by a faulty car part or another driver’s negligence, we can determine who was at fault for the bur injuries you sustained in a vehicle explosion.

Burn Injuries From Electrical, Gas and Chemical Explosions

Electrical, gas, and chemical explosions occur due to various causes. Electrical explosions can be caused by defective products inside your office or home, including appliances, electrical wires, and electrical boxes. These explosions can result in severe burn injuries at times. Gas explosions may be caused by a leak from a distribution system or tank inside a building that is improperly maintained. A leak may also be caused by a negligent tank manufacturer or gas provider. Some buildings lack sprinkler systems, proper fire insulation, or gas warning system. The builder is responsible for those, and if they are neglected it violates safety and building code regulations. In the meantime, chemical explosions may result whenever there is insufficient information available for handling flammable chemicals safely, such as kerosene, ammonia, acids, and cleaning solvents. Those kinds of explosions may result in serious burn injuries as well.

If you are somebody you know lives in Minnesota, or an area nearby and has sustained a burn injury caused by a gas or chemical explosion, call us for your free case evaluation. We can determine whether or not you are eligible to receive monetary damages for your injuries.

Electrocution And Brain Injuries

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health reports that, on average, one individual is electrocuted at work each day. Within the workplace, electrical burns are very common. The number of employees in the US who are electrocuted at work continues to increase. Contractors, as well as other employees working around power lines, frequently sustain electrical burn injuries. Two out of every five electrocutions are caused by coming into contact with a power line. If an electrical burn injury is caused by employer negligence, workers’ compensation may help to provide medical benefits and income replacement. However, at times a third party, like a power company, might have some responsibility, including being responsible for maintaining power lines properly by keeping all of the lines away from homes and repairing broken, knocked down, or sagging lines. Our lawyers can determine whether a third party such as a power company should be held partially responsible for the injuries you have sustained. Burn injuries might also be caused by a defective electrical home appliance like a curling iron, microwave, or hairdryer. These appliances sometimes have faulty wiring or fail to have a warning label to inform about possible electrical shock. When injuries are sustained due to the carelessness of a manufacturer, you can be eligible to receive monetary damages. If you believe your serious burn was the result of the carelessness of another party, our lawyers can ensure you receive fair compensation.

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