Burn Injuries

Minnesota Burn Injury Lawyers | Fire Injury Attorneys in MinnesotaAccording to the American Burn Association, around two and a half million burn injuries occur each year. Seven hundred thousand burn victims wind up in the emergency room, while at least twenty three thousand individuals need to be hospitalized.

The skin plays a vital role in the body. It is the largest organ, and works to defend an individual’s organs from dangerous conditions, regulate temperature, maintain appropriate fluid balance, and allow touch sensation. Serious burn injuries can be caused by acid, fire, steam, alkali, hot liquids, ultraviolet rays, and other substances, and can impair these functions, or even eliminate them, causing potential damage to the whole body.

There are several ways to classify a burn injury:

A burn that only affects the first layer of the skin is called a first-degree burn. These burns usually heal in about a week, and often leave the skin red at first. First degree burns can be quite painful, although only the top layer of skin is injured.

A burn that affects the first and second layers of the skin is called a second-degree burn. A second-degree burn can feel moist and often blisters the skin. These kinds of burns can trigger severe pain.

Burns that affect all of the layers of the skin, potentially causing damage to the tissue underneath, are called third-degree burns. After this type of burn, one’s skin will be extremely dry and black or white in color, and may permanently scar. Third-degree burns are extremely painful.

A skilled personal injury attorney knows all about burn injuries and is prepared to take this type of case. These attorneys will help ensure that you obtain the compensation that you deserve and keep your best interests at heart.

The Aftermath of a Burn Injury

Burn injuries may be one of the most traumatic injuries one can go through. These injuries are especially painful, and can also cause large financial problems and ongoing emotional stress. Often, burn injury victims also suffer from severe scarring, damage to their muscle and nerve tissues, lung damage, loss of mobility, or amputation. If their sweat glands are burned and damaged, they may struggle to regulate their body temperature for the rest of their life. This can make it difficult for them to engage in any outdoor activities or sports that could increase their body temperature. Victims of burn injuries can also suffer from recurring nightmares and ongoing emotional distress as a result of the incident.

While new technology has dramatically improved quality of life for burn victims, these treatments can be very expensive and the medical bills can be huge. Expensive physical therapy and counseling can also be necessary to help the burn victim deal with emotional distress, physical pain, and suffering. Impairment and disability from these burn injuries can also result in total loss of the family’s income. This financial strain can then dramatically impact the victim, as well as their loved ones, who will also find themselves taking on parts of the financial burden. If the burn injury victim was the home’s breadwinner, the entire family could be at risk of losing their house.

Our lawyers are focused on assisting you as you seek compensatory damages to cover the financial aspect of the incident. Our burn injury lawyers know that the time immediately after the incident is one of the worst times. We’ll help defend your legal rights, helping you to obtain the most compensation available

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