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Can Your New Year’s Resolution Lead to Injury?

When a new year starts, many people make resolutions to live a better life in the year ahead. Often, this can involve trying to watch what you eat and work out more in order to lose weight and get healthy. Anyone who belongs to a gym has noticed an influx of additional people in January every year. While joining a gym is generally good for your health, you should be aware that going to the gym can also result in injuries in different ways.

Unfortunately, if an injury was not preventable or happened because of something you did, such as using excessive weight or doing an exercise wrong, your legal rights are few. However, if the gym or another party was responsible for your injuries in some way, you have the right to sue them for personal injury and recover for your losses that stemmed from your injuries.

  • Staff negligence – Many gyms employ personal trainers who work one-on-one with members and instructors who lead a variety of fitness classes. These people should have proper training and knowledge of the human body, abilities, and risks of working out to keep people who attend their classes or sessions safe from harm. If an instructor or trainer makes an error – such as pushing you too hard for your skill level – they can be found negligent and responsible for your injuries.
  • Premises liability – Managers and owners of gyms are legally expected to keep the gym area safe for visitors. This means regularly inspecting the premises for possible hazardous conditions, keeping the gym clean and sanitary, and removing any obstacles that could cause slip and fall accidents. If a gym premise is in a dangerous condition and a person is injured, the gym can be held liable.
  • Products liability – In some situations, injuries at gyms occur when a piece of equipment malfunctions. If the malfunction was caused by a defect in the design or assembly of the equipment, the manufacturer that made the error should be held responsible.

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