Chemical Burns Lawsuit – Being Exposed To Dangerous Materials In The Workplace

Dangerous chemicals can pose a high risk of sustaining severe burns. A chemical burn occurs when the skin becomes exposed to certain corrosive substances which include the oxidizing acids contained in cleansers, from hydrocarbon solvents, and alkalis like ammonia and sodium hydroxide. Chemical burns frequently cause serious pain and suffering and extensive tissue damage. How severe a chemical burn is will depend on several different factors, which include how long the skin was in contact with the chemical, the concentration of the dangerous agent contained in the solution, and the extent of the penetration of the harmful chemical.

Chemical Burn Information:

Degree of a Chemical Burns: The classification of burn injuries for chemical burns is the same as for other types of burn injuries.

1st Degree Burns: These are burns that have the least penetration through skin. They are considered to be the least hurtful or dangerous.

2nd Degree Burns: Blistering skin is one of the common signs of a second-degree burn. Victims of these burns need to have medical care.

3rd Degree Burns: This type of burns penetrates through the skin to cause serious damage. The burns may be life-threatening and require an extensive amount of medical attention. Often they need to be corrected by cosmetic surgery.

4th degree Burns: This type of burn penetrates underneath the skin and can result in tissue necrosis and muscle damage. If these burns are not treated right away, they can be life-threatening.

Common Causes: There are a number of different factors that can cause chemical burns, including the following:

– Workplace accidents – an employee failing to adhere to health and safety standards

– Using a defective or dangerous product

– Motor vehicle accidents

– Medical Malpractice – cosmetic surgery negligence, dermatology errors

– Chemical burns that are caused by skin and beauty products, or tattoo removal products

– Dangerous conditions in public facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, or schools

How To Properly Treat Chemical Burns: You should get medical attention immediately if you have sustained a chemical burn. There are several steps that should be taken to treat a chemical burn:

– Remove the chemical from your skin immediately
– Place the burned area under running water Take a shower for 1/2 hour using a high powered jet – do not immerse yourself in water.
– Have a medical specialist examine your injuries
– Chemical Eye Burns – Through wash out your eye as soon as you can

Specific Agents that may cause Chemical Burns:

– Hydrofluoric Acid – This is a dangerous substance that is used in many workplaces and homes. The severity of this type of chemical burn will depend on the concentration level of the dangerous chemical contained in the solution that interacts with your skin.

– Cement Burns – Many substances include cement that can cause a burn when it comes in contact with skin. Wet cement may react dangerously with the skin in three different ways (1) Chemical burns, (2) Abrasions, and (3) Allergic dermatitis.

– Other Chemicals – Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Strong Alkali, and Phosphorus

Compensation for your Burn Injuries

Victims who have burn injuries that are caused by the intentional or negligent acts of other people including the failure to follow proper safety and health standards within the workplace are eligible to receive compensation for their losses. How much a chemical burn injury claim is worth will depend on several different factors including the following:

– The Victim’s Pain and Suffering: Chemical burns tend to be associated with severe pain and suffering. Victims are entitled under personal injury laws to receive compensation for the physical and emotional pain they have had to endure.

– Medical Care Costs – which includes recovery for any future medical costs such as medications, rehabilitation expenses, pain management care, and revision surgeries
– Lost wages as well as future income losses
– Punitive damages – wherever possible

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