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Common Injuries Caused by Medical Mistakes

When you go to the hospital or doctor, you should never expect to get hurt. However, there are many different injuries that can be caused by medical professionals who make negligent mistakes. The following are only some examples of common medical malpractice injuries.

  • Misdiagnosis – Doctors should know which tests to perform and which questions to ask based on your symptoms in order to properly diagnose and treat any health conditions you may have. If a doctor fails to take reasonable steps to diagnose you and your diagnosis is incorrect, significantly delayed, or missed altogether, you may suffer unnecessary and serious complications from your condition due to lack of treatment. Two of the most common conditions that are misdiagnosed are cancer and heart attacks – both of which can be dangerous and often fatal if not treated in a timely manner.
  • Surgery-related injuries – Many different injuries can occur during surgery. First, doctors may be negligent and may operate on the wrong body part or perform the wrong procedure, leaving you needing additional procedures in the future. Doctors may also make errors that lead to nicked arteries and severe internal bleeding or similar circumstances. Additionally, doctors can leave foreign objects or surgical tools inside a patient or fail to perform adequate post-operative care, resulting in infections and other serious injuries.
  • Medication injuries – Medical professionals administer and prescribe millions of pills on a regular basis. Before giving anyone access to any type of medication, they should first inquire about possible allergies or existing prescriptions to identify any potential adverse reactions to the medication. If they do not, patients can suffer serious side effects. In addition, hospital staff often make errors in distributing the proper amount of medication to patients. Patients may overdose on medication if given too much or may suffer complications if they are given the inadequate medication.

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