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Common Injuries Sustained by Bicyclists

While riding a bicycle is a good way to save money, stay active, and enjoy yourself, riding can put you at risk for an accident and injuries. Whether you crash your bike on your own or a car collides with you, bike accidents can result in severe injuries – many of which are unique to this type of accident.

Bikes do not have seat belts or airbags, so bicyclists have little to no protection when they crash. In addition, aside from helmets, it is not customary for bicyclists to wear a lot of safety gear as many motorcyclists do. Instead of thick leather clothes and heavy boots, most bicyclists wear lightweight, thin clothing. This means their bodies are basically exposed to any impact in the event of a crash.

Because of the unique circumstances of a bicycle accident, the following are some of the common injuries that can be sustained by bicyclists:

  • Broken arms – Because there are no restraints on a bicycle, many riders get ejected from their bikes when they suddenly collide with something or hit a road hazard. A person’s first instinct when flying toward the ground is usually to put out their arms to catch themselves. Unfortunately, the force is often too great and instead of breaking the fall, a bicyclist’s arms often fracture or even shatter.
  • Friction burns – When a bicyclist goes skidding across the ground, the friction with the pavement can cause severe burns, especially on any exposed skin.
  • Face injuries – Because a bicyclist’s arms may do little to stop them from hitting the ground, it often happens that their face hits the pavement with a significant impact. Many injuries can occur when this happens, including broken jaw, nose, or cheekbones, damage to the eyes, and fractures in the skull. These injuries can cause disfigurement and serious pain.

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