Do I Need To Hire A Trucking Lawyer?

After you have been involved in a car accident, you may be wondering whether or not you actually need help from a lawyer. Truthfully, like any attorney will say, it will depend on many different factors.

For example, if you were in a minor accident where you suffered minor injuries and no or little property damage, then you might be able to handle your own insurance claims without needing assistance from an attorney. This is especially true when you consider that most personal injury attorney fees are on a contingency basis, or if you have a small claim, the amount you will be able to keep after settlement will be quite small.

However, if you have sustained severe injuries or a loved one has died after a truck accident, then we highly recommend that you get help from an experienced trucking attorney. Why?

Keep in mind that truck insurance companies are in the business to earn a profit. Therefore protecting their bottom line is their main objective. They don’t care about paying claimants fair compensation. If you decide to deal with a trucking company’s insurer on your own without help from an attorney, you will never be offered the total compensation that you truly deserve.

Insurance companies know that you don’t have all of the necessary experience, knowledge, and resources to maximize our claim’s value in the same way that an experienced attorney can.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you have sustained injuries that require medical treatment – particularly an emergency room or EMT treatment on the day of your accident – then you probably should consider hiring a professional trucking attorney who can discuss your options with you.

What Advantages Come With Hiring a Trucking Attorney?

1. It provides you with peace of mind

Taking legal action can be a very stressful process, even for people who handle these cases every day. For an average person such as yourself who isn’t experienced with dealing with the court system, it can be even more stressful. A majority of our clients normally don’t have everything that is needed for dealing effectively with insurance adjusters and settling their claims. Whenever you allow a professional lawyer to handle all of the details of your case, you can focus on your emotional, mental, and physical recovery.

2. Experienced trucking lawyers can build a very strong case for you.

When a new case is handled by a successful lawyer he or she is already focused on the finish line, which is a jury trial. In order to ensure that your compensation is maximized, your lawyer will determine all of the crucial and necessary evidence that needs to be collected, how to obtain it, and the most effective way to present it to the jury. It is very important that the jurors understand the severity of your injuries and what impacts they have had on your life.

An expert trucking attorney can uncover the trucking company’s operations to help to determine why the accident occurred. Our investigations have shown that in most cases, the accident was totally preventable if the trucking company had followed the rules or placed a higher priority on safety instead of their bottom line. Jurors usually hate when rules are ignored by trucking companies which endangers the safety of the public to get ahead, and that is shown in jury verdicts.

3. Your Lawyer Can Provide You With Guidance Throughout The Entire Process

A great lawyer will provide you with all of the help you need throughout the entire litigation process. Your attorney should tell you how to protect your rights as well as your claims both prior to and after you have filed your claim. That also includes when and with whom you are able to share the acts that are involved in your case.

Your lawyer will respond promptly to all of the questions you might have regarding the complicated legal process. They can provide you with professional counsel and inform you of all of the benefits that are available to you to help you with coping throughout your lawsuit, which includes unemployment, disability, and insurance benefits.

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