How To Find The Best Truck Accident Attorney Near Me?

semi truck accident attorneySerious injuries can result from truck accidents. A truck accident lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in truck accidents can help you recover compensation for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the truck accident.

They are accident injury lawyers who specialize in trucking accidents. In addition to our knowledge, we also have the support and resources necessary to aggressively prosecute your lawsuit and assist you to get the compensation you deserve for your truck accident.

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Truck Accidents: Types and Causes

If you have a good understanding of the many different types of truck accidents, it will be easier for you to present your case while searching for the best lawyer near you.

Truck accidents in America are most commonly caused by:

Rear-end collisions can happen if large trucks are unable to stop over time. You are likely to sustain serious injuries and property damage if your truck hits the back of a passenger vehicle.

A Jackknife crash occurs when a truck driver slams the brakes hard enough that the trailer’s drive axle locks, causing the trailer to skid and eventually come to a stop at a 90-degree angle to the cabin. As a result, the driver can lose control of the truck, resulting in a serious accident.

The truck may roll over if the truck driver loses control of it, which could put the car as well as cargo ejected from it in the path of other motorists.

In case of an under ride accident, a smaller vehicle approaching quickly behind your big rig may become lodged beneath the trailer. Consequently, under ride accidents tend to be some of the most deadly trucking accidents.

Blind spot accidents usually result from a truck’s large blind spots. As a result, adjacent vehicles are at a serious risk of being struck, crushed, or forced off the road when a truck driver struggles to see the other vehicle while changing lanes.

In addition to tire blowouts, big commercial trucks are notorious for often having their wheels fail and forcing them uncontrollably in wayward directions. Accidents of this nature pose a risk not only to the truck driver, but also to nearby vehicles.

Several circumstances can result in cargo-related accidents, including overloaded trucks and inadequately secured loads. There is the possibility of an accident occurring if nearby motor vehicles aren’t able to avoid the truck and its load.

Reasons for Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Claim types for car accidents differ from those for truck accidents. Contributing events and the results are also usually different. In fact, commercial vehicles are often involved in the following factors:

It is common for truck drivers to drive recklessly. In order to meet the corporation’s mileage goals, they often drive drowsily, and may even be operating their vehicles while distracted or impaired.

A poorly maintained fleet of trucks can pose a grave danger to everyone on the highway if they are not properly maintained. Cracked windshields and worn brake pads must be addressed when they occur on smaller vehicles, but they can lead to an accident on a truck.

Loading commercial trucks with improper cargo is very important. Ensure that the truck is loaded with the proper cargo according to the law. Having an improperly loaded truck may cause its contents to spill out onto the road, leading to accidents and injuries.

When you have a semi-truck accident, what do you do?

Following are the steps you should take when you have been involved in an accident involving a semi-truck:

-Alert the authorities that the accident has occurred

You should call an ambulance if you or a loved one is injured

You should move your car safely off the road when you are able to do so

Videotape and take photos of the scene of the accident

-Document any injuries, pains, or aches you might be experiencing at the time

-Do not leave the accident scene until other drivers and law enforcement officers have left

Get the help of an attorney who specializes in truck accidents.

The characteristics of a good truck accident lawyer?

How can you locate the best truck accident attorney nearby? Here are some things to consider:

Understanding of the claims process for truck accidents

Truck accident settlements with an effective reputation

The ability to understand both federal and state trucking laws

Investigating and litigating truck accidents

-Reviews from clients have been overwhelmingly positive

When you find a truck accident lawyer that meets the above criteria, then you will receive an answer to ‘how can I find the best lawyer near me?

When a truck accident occurs, who is at fault?

You need to establish negligence before filing a claim for damages and compensation for injuries sustained in a truck accident. Under the law, the actions of the driver must meet 4 specific criteria (elements) in order for the driver to be held responsible for their actions. These are:

In order to avoid an accident, the operator was obligated to exercise due care

The motorist failed to comply with the duty of care through omission or willful negligence

There were injuries or death as a result of the breach of care

The injury caused significant damage.

Victims of truck accidents often find it difficult to establish their own liability due to several factors involved. It is fortunately possible to recover the compensation you are eligible for with the help of a truck accident attorney.

Last Thoughts

Any time a large truck accident occurs, whether 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, dump trucks, etc., it will be a traumatic experience. Fortunately, even if you have one of the most complex truck accident claims, We can help. Call us right now for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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