Injuries That Result From Electrical Burns

The United States Department of Labor released a study that showed that most people are most likely to sustain an electric burn injury to either both or one of their hands, compared to any other body part. The reason why hands are the most entry point for electrical currents is due to the fact that people tend to be using an electrical device when this type of accident occurs.

There are numerous injuries that an individual can sustain when shocked by electricity. Although the most obvious type of electrical burn injury occurs to the skin, there are also serious internal injuries that can occur as well in many cases.

Some of the most serious internal injuries that occur include the following:

Being unable to breathe without medical help
Involuntary spasms or twitches
Internal bleeding
Tissue destruction
Muscle wasting from nerve damage
Brain death or coma
Damaged nerves
Cardiac arrest

In some cases, internal injuries might not be immediately obvious to the victim or nearby observers. However, if these types of injuries are not treated, they can result in death rather quickly. Therefore, emergency medical treatment needs to be administered as quickly as possible to anybody who has suffered from an electrical burn.

Electrical Burn Injury Sources

An electrical burn injury can potentially take place anywhere there is live electricity. Although many people assume they cannot be harmed by an electrical device when it is not being used. However, there is still an electrical current flowing into a device when it is plugged into the outlet.

That is why it is so important to realize that it isn’t necessary for an electronic appliance to be operating and turned on to be able to conduct enough electrical that can cause a burn or another type of injury. When an electrical device comes into contact with water, that can cause a serious shock or even fatal injuries in some cases.

It is very dangerous to touch an electrical appliance with either wet feet or hands. It is especially dangerous to be wet with salty water after perspiring heavily or swimming in the ocean since saltwater is an even stronger conductor of electricity compared to freshwater.

Inside the home, one of the most likely places for a wet individual to come into contact with an electrical device is a bathroom. For safety purposes, bathroom power outlets should be located away from sinks, showers, and bathtubs in order to discourage using electronics nearby.

You should never use appliances like charging cellphones, laptop computers, or hair dryers while you are sitting inside of a bathtub. You should also avoid battery-powered devices since they can generate a sufficient amount of electrical voltage to be fatal.

Sticking objects into a source of electricity, fallen powerlines, and exposed electrical outlets can also cause serious burns and other types of injuries.

Do You Need Help From An Electrical Burn Injury Attorney?

If you or a family member sustained an electrical burn injury at work, or due to another person’s negligence, you should contact an experienced burn injury lawyer to assess your case.

In many situations, individuals who sustain severe electrical burn injuries are faced with the loss of wages, high medical bills, ongoing physical therapy and damage to property following the accident. Our attorneys have the necessary resources and knowledge to determine if a lawsuit is warranted in your specific situation.

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