Natural Gas Accidents

Natural gas accidents garner a lot of attention in the United States. Often, these accidents happen when someone has excavated near a site without first locating the underground pipelines. According to the United States Department of Transportation or USDOT, there are over two million miles worth of pipelines located in the United States. These pipelines deliver trillions of cubic feet of natural gas to thousands on an annual basis. From the years 2005 to the year 2009 alone, there were over 282 serious incidents that involved natural gas pipelines in the U.S.

Of these, 51 were injuries and there were 14 fatalities. Often, gas line explosions involve the following:

Trainer refinery explosions
Excavation near pipelines
Tanker truck accidents
Gas drilling accidents (fracking explosions)
Gas buildup in mines
Construction & Work Sites
Gas leaks
Improperly installed gas hookups

In addition to the home, other locations that can have gas explosions include construction sites frequently due to the proximity of combustibles and chemicals that are utilized in construction. Oil refineries often have gas explosions due to spills, steam, oil, ammonia, and gasoline. If a plant hasn’t upgraded its equipment, it may be at a higher likelihood of potential explosions due to a lack of safety protocols. Owners are held responsible for any injuries to their employees.

Employers are required to maintain a safe work environment at all times. They are required to pay workers compensation to injured employees. This will help to cover any medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, long-term-care, and more. If your boss doesn’t have these in place or is found to be grossly negligent, he or she may also be held liable for punitive damages too.

Gas Explosion Injuries

When an injury occurs due to a gas explosion, these are frequently horrendous. These injuries may include such things as shrapnel and severe burns as well as:

Crush injuries
Compartment syndrome
Loss of hearing
Loss of eyesight
Air embolism-induced injury
Blast lung injury

If you have sustained an injury due to a gas explosion, secure a personal injury attorney to investigate the details regarding your accident. The number one priority is your full recovery. Entrust your case to someone who cares about you. Give us a call today.

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