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When you are on someone else’s property, it is the responsibility of that person to ensure that his property is considered safe. This means that electrical outlets should be safe, that toys and other obstacles should be put away or pointed out to visitors, and that any wet spills should be cleaned up. The reason is because if an accident occurs due to any obstacle or wet area, then they are to blame for the injuries. If you have suffered from a serious injury on someone else’s property, then contact McEwen & Kestner, PLLC to discuss your options.

What Constitutes Premise Liability?

Premise liability refers to any accidents that have occurred on someone else’s property. If you have been invited onto someone’s property, whether this is into a store, a mall, a school or a friend’s house, then they have the legal responsibility to ensure you are safe.  There are a number of accidents that fall into the premise liability umbrella including the following:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Elevator/escalator injuries
  • Nursing home accidents
  • Child care/day car injuries
  • Dog bite injuries

McEwen & Kestner, PLLC has the experience and the aggression you need when facing a premise liability lawsuit. We can assess your injury and determine who is at fault for the accident. In some instances the owner of the building may be to blame, while in other instances it may be the fault of an individual.

Premise Liability Injuries

In addition to a bruised tailbone, a premise liability accident can lead to the following injuries:

  • Hip and back trauma, especially in the elderly
  • Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Broken bones
  • Fractured skull and other head traumas
  • Permanent disability
  • Scarring, broken limbs
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of wages if you are unable to work
  • Financial hardship
  • Loss of a quality of life

These injuries will often result in a loss of work as well as weeks, if not months, of recovering. You may need to attend occupational therapy or you may need to hire someone to take care of you during this time. You are already physically burdened by someone else’s neglect – make sure you are not financially burdened as well. We can help get the financial compensation for medical bills and other expenses during this time.

Premise liability cases can be confusing to say the least. There is a lot of paperwork involved and, in many instances, you will be going up against a large company or retail store. McEwen & Kestner, PLLC has handled all sorts of premise liability cases and will work aggressively to ensure you are fully compensated for your losses.

How we Can Help

We offer our clients the legal assistance and aggressive representation they need when facing a confusing premise liability case. Contact McEwen & Kestner, PLLC at 651-224-3833 or toll free at (612) 324-1541 today to get the legal advice and financial compensation you deserve.

I highly recommend M&K, not only was the settlement much more than I anticipated, it was a pleasure to work with Pete and his staff. He is professional, polite and straightforward. His knowledge and litigation skill coupled with business manner, helped make the process easy and understandable. His analysis was thoughtful, honest and he explained complex concepts and procedures. I was very pleased with his expertise.
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