What You Need To Know About Explosion, Burn And Fire Injuries

Explosion, burn, and fire accidents often occur in the workplace, driving on roads, at home, or any place where there are flammable or explosive materials. Fire, burn, and explosion injuries are in most cases severe, and often result in horrific suffering and pain, along with permanent scarring.

Burns are caused by a variety of products that include chemicals, gasoline, natural gas, propane gas, faulty equipment, automobile accidents, broken furnaces, smoke detectors that have broken down, aerosol spray cans, along with defective appliances in homes.

Burn and fire injuries are often deadly. However, when they do not result in death, they can cause tremendous suffering and pain. Have you ever thought about why hell happens to be associated with a place where inhabitants are tortured by fire? Or have you given thought to why in ancient times people were burned at stakes as a form of punishment for crimes they had committed? It probably has to do with the fact that not many other experiences are more painful than being burned.

Gas happens to be among the leading causes when it comes to explosion injuries. Around 100 million people are using natural gas in their homes and places of business, while around 26 million people are using propane gas to cook with or heat their homes. When compared, propane is a gas that is a lot more dangerous. One of the reasons why propane is so hazardous is the fact that it is heavy when compared to air. It sinks to lower areas in the home where it is not detected by smell. The consumers that use propane gas which also goes by the name of LP gas are 4 times more prone to experience injuries caused by an explosion when compared to consumers that use and buy natural gas. And for people that are exposed to gas explosions, victims are around 12 times more prone to suffering severe burns or injuries from propane explosions when compared to natural gas explosions. Our explosion, burn, and fire injury attorneys have negotiated or settled 7 figure verdicts for clients in the Syracuse area for these case types.

Gas on its own has no detectable smell. Chemicals are added to these gases to provide the product with an odor to provide a warning. Yet smell alone won’t offer a warning system that is good enough. In some cases, the companies that sell natural or propane gas do not add this “smell”, or they are not adding enough. When occupants in a home are sleeping or have a cold, or have a limited sense of smell, these people are at a higher risk as they are unable to smell the gas. Both LP gas (propane) or Natural gas in a home can turn deadly when the gas leaks and goes undetected. When this occurs, the gas builds up inside the home until such a stage that it has reached an “explosive” level. When a gas leak is left for long enough, a simple small spark such as flipping a light switch will cause the gas to ignite which will result in a tremendous explosion.

Our explosion, burn, and fire injury attorneys will often go after many area defendants simultaneously. This has to do with when several defendants are liable for the cause of an explosion or fire, such as a gas or propane supplier, utility companies, electricians, landlords, or a contractor that has either failed to maintain or properly install a gas system or equipment, or a country, town, or city that has failed to inspect a home properly.

When a person sustains injuries from a fire, an explosion or a burn injury, the law, facts, and science that are relevant to each case can become somewhat complex and will require expert legal counsel, along with engineers, fire investigators, and any other necessary experts. These case types are also complex when evidence has been destroyed from the explosion or fire, and what does remain must be examined while it’s still “hot”. This is the reason why you need to hire an explosion/fire lawyer as quickly as possible, to take advantage of the available evidence.

Our explosion, burn and fire lawyers have managed to recover millions for clients that have faced a burn, explosion, or fire injuries along with other injuries to cover loss of earnings, medical bills, pain, and suffering, along with any other expenses that relate to the accident. If your loved one or yourself has suffered injuries from a burn, fire, or explosion injury call our law firm today, so that we can help you go after the compensation that you deserve.

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