Minnesota Brain Injury Lawyer

A brain injury can be one of the most devastating injuries caused by an accident. Even a slight blow to the head from slipping down the stairs can result in a traumatic brain injury. If you or your loved one has suffered a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, then contact McEwen & Kestner, PLLC today to see how we can help.

Minnesota Traumatic Brain Injury

According to the M.S.A 144.661 statute of the Minnesota law, a traumatic brain injury is:

a sudden insult or damage to the brain or its coverings caused by an external physical force which may produce a diminished or altered state of consciousness and which results in the following disabilities: impairment of cognitive or mental abilities; impairment of physical functioning; or disturbance of behavioral or emotional functioning.”

Brain Injury Accidents

A brain injury can occur anytime. Our lawyers are dedicated to handling all traumatic brain cases including those stemming from the following:

  • Work related accidents
  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Product liability
  • Premise liability
  • Drinking and driving car accidents
  • Explosions
  • Medical malpractice
    • Memory loss
    • Skull fracture
    • Coup and contrecoup brain injuries
    • Subdural hematoma
    • Cerebral anoxia
    • Permanent disability
    • Paralysis

How a Brain Injury Can Affect You

We all know how important our brain is for everyday life. Your brain controls your entire body and when this central system is damaged, your entire system could shut down. You may not be able to continue working or you may need to step down from your position. You may suffer from intense pain or headaches or you may lose the ability to function completely. You may become paralyzed or suffer from a loss of coordination. You may lose your vision and control of your body. You may lose your memory and your personality. You may never be the same again. This can be frustrating and devastating not only to the injured party, but also to family and friends.


Minnesota Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

Unfortunately, we will not be able to turn back time and stop the accident. However, what we can do is help you move forward financially and emotionally. A traumatic brain injury can negatively impact your entire family, especially if you are unable to work. You may be faced with a mountain of unpaid debt and medical bills as well as additional expenses for rehabilitation. Furthermore, you may be left feeling confused and angry by the matter. A brain injury lawyer can help you find the answers to those unresolved questions so you can move forward with your family.

Contact Us for Legal Help

Don’t suffer in silence. If you or your loved one has been affected by a brain injury, then let us help you through this confusion. Contact McEwen & Kestner, PLLC at 651-224-3833 or toll free at 800-732-3070 today to get the legal advice and financial compensation you deserve.

“There is no doubt that Peter Kestner, along with the Attorney’s and Staff at McEwen & Kestner, PLLC are specialists in Auto Injury accidents! In 2010 I was involved in an auto accident, and required treatments in many different states. While I personally took care of many of the negations with the insurance company, I was completely uncomfortable with settling my case. None of the treatments could determine the cause of the semi-permanent damage to my shoulder due to the accident. There were no diagnoses, and nowhere to turn when it came time to settle. That’s when I began the search for a lawyer, and found McEwen and Kestner!
Their expertise made the experience hassle-free, hopeful and honest. They genuinely understood my pain and suffering. After giving them the name of the insurance company, the names of each doctor, and a little background information Peter took over! With a simple monthly check-in from me, a demand letter went out for a settlement in a matter of months.
I was blown away by the results! Within just 2 weeks of negotiation, Peter landed a settlement rate with the insurance company, while keeping me involved via quick 5-10 minute phone calls! The settlement amount was 90% more than I anticipated; I felt relieved, and adequately compensated.
Less than a month later, my check settlement check has processed through their office and is on its way to me! ”
★★★★★ 5/5 Stars -Kay

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