How Much is My Brain Injury Case Worth?

What your brain injury case is worth will depend on many different factors. When clients get in touch with the law firm of McEwen & Kestner, they’ll typically want to know what they can expect in the form of compensation for their serious brain injury  – and that’s obviously understandable. But there’s no simple answer to this question. If any attorney promises you’ll make a certain amount of money without having all the facts of your case, find another one.

Our firm will be ready to do whatever we can to ensure you obtain maximum compensation. We have a team of true legal experts, and we have a long track record of helping our clients get every penny they deserve. We’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.

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What is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

There are a lot of horrible kinds of injuries that can result from a personal injury accident, of course. But there’s nothing worse than a severe TBI. It typically occurs due to a sudden, violent impact – such as the head striking a hard surface due to a slip and fall accident. This kind of accident is estimated to cause 1 million people to suffer a TBI every year.

Types of TBI

There are two main kinds of TBI – a closed brain injury and a penetrating brain injury.

A closed TBI occurs when the head hits something hard. There’s no sort of penetrating wound, and the skull doesn’t break. The damage takes place because the brain is subjected to a violent motion, such as quickly going backward or forward. This bruises and tears not only brain tissue but blood vessels as well.

A penetrating TBI, as the name implies, happens when some sort of object penetrates the skull and enters the brain. It could be a piece of metal that pierces the skull after an explosion, a bullet, or something else.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents that May Cause TBI

If you can think of a type of accident, there’s a very good chance it can lead to a TBI. Some riding their motorcycle, for example, can suffer a TBI after being struck by a car. A TBI can also result from a car accident, such as a drunk driving accident or a truck accident.

Types of Long-Term Care TBI Patients May Require

If someone is “lucky” enough to have a mild TBI, there’s a very good chance they’ll eventually recover completely. But if the injury is more severe, they could suffer such terrible consequences that they’ll require either occasional or around-the-clock care. These are just some of the complications that can develop.

  • A TBI can affect the area of the brain that makes it possible to see. Victims will often have a very difficult time recognizing certain objects because their brain is no longer able to register images properly. Hand-eye coordination can also be an issue. Victims may bump into walls or drop items.
  • TBI victims may also have issues with taste, sound, and smell. They can suffer from severe tinnitus, which is a constant ringing or roaring sensation in a victim’s ears.
  • The biggest issue with a severe TBI, however, is a loss of cognitive skills. In milder instances, a person will often have issues recognizing friends and family or experience difficulty forming their words. Eventually, those problems usually clear up. But if a TBI is bad enough, those problems can be permanent. A victim could be hurt so badly that they can’t function whatsoever without help. They can’t tie their shoes, make their own meals, or even bathe on their own.

How a TBI Can Affect Quality of Life

Needless to say, the impact on quality of life can be devastating. When someone can’t even perform basic, everyday tasks, they can no longer do the things they once loved. These include playing a sport such as tennis, taking a trip in their car, or even walking around the neighborhood.

But even someone with a moderate TBI can find it hard to earn a living. They will typically no longer be able to hold down the same job they had previously. Victims might have to find another job that doesn’t pay as well.

Damages Available to Recover

Loss of quality of life and loss of potential earning capacity are referred to as “damages” from a legal perspective. This is basically just another word for financial losses. Other examples include medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Some damages are easy to calculate because they’re tangible. You can see a medical bill, and you can present a pay stub to show how much money you’re losing each week because you can’t work. Others, however, are subjective. They don’t lend themselves to simple calculations. These include mental and emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and many more.

Much is My Brain Injury Case Worth in Total?

The amount you may be able to obtain will largely depend on the severity of your injury. Someone with a debilitating TBI will usually be awarded more money than someone with a broken arm. After all, the arm will eventually heal completely. The severe TBI will not.

The worse an injury, of course, the more money it will take to treat. The costs associated with a severe TBI can reach millions of dollars.

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