What are the imminent dangers of truck tire blowouts?

You’ll notice that the tires on a semi-truck are a lot bigger than those on an ordinary automobile. In the event that one of the tires fails, any additional tires might help avoid problems. A tire blowout remains a very dangerous and deadly event, despite the fact that extra tires compensate for the lack of traction and assist to prevent veering off the road.

You will need the assistance of an expert truck accident lawyer if you were injured in an accident involving a truck due to a tire blowout. We are skilled truck accident lawyers who handle a lot of issues related to truck accidents. We will work to try and get you full compensation for your personal injuries.

What are the reasons for truck tire accidents?

There are many factors that can cause a truck tire to fail. If the owner or driver of the truck ensures proper maintenance and proper inspections before each trip, most issues with truck tires can be avoided. Incorrect tire pressure, despite it being the easiest to adjust, is among several key factors behind tire blowouts. Changing the air pressure in just a tire can be influenced by outdoor temperatures, elevation, and load weights. Prior to hitting the road, the driver is responsible for making sure the tires are inspected and fully inflated.

Another common cause of tire blowouts is tire wear. A worn-out tire has less tread to assist in preventing a vehicle from stalling and make braking more effective, resulting in a higher danger factor. A truck driver is also confronted with difficulties regulating his truck due to worn-out tires that can blow out unexpectedly. Trucks travelling at high speeds generate a lot of heat around the tires. Also, warm weather makes the tires more heated. Increasing the heat significantly impacts tire health and increases the risk of a tire blowout.

The FMCSA is responsible for the safety, compliance, and accountability of truck tires. A number of safety regulations apply to truck tires. Tires that are under-inflated, have worn treads, or are damaged shouldn’t be operated by trucks. The tire should always have a tread depth that is equal to or greater than the vehicle level. Whenever a truck’s tires do not meet the prescribed requirements, its service is halted until the required repairs are carried out.

Following a tire blowout, loss of control occurs

Tire blowouts are never the same as flat tires. In addition, a truck with an 80,000-pound load may travel at 55 miles per hour or higher, which could result in significant loss of control. In the event of a tire blow out, the vehicle’s movement and cargo from inside the vehicle may change suddenly. Suddenly, the truck will be lunged in one direction while also losing all control of the vehicle’s trajectory due to this rapid change of force.

On occasion, a motorist is fortunate to be able to take control of the car and halt it safely by the side of the road. Unfortunately, tire blowouts often result in trucks swerving into other lanes of traffic. The driver will likely try to compensate for that change in force by quickly steering the truck in a different direction, which will reinforce the problem. The truck might end up crashing into another vehicle, overturning, or swerving from the embankment, depending on the circumstances.

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No matter how the accident occurred, collisions with trucks are very dangerous and can lead to catastrophic injuries or even death. The compensation you are entitled to should you sustain injuries in a truck accident may be obtained from our firm. You can contact The Trucking Lawyers for a free consultation at (855) 396-3926.

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