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How a Back Injury Can Impact Your Life

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that hundreds of thousands of people suffer injuries to their back at work on an annual basis. In addition, thousands more people injure their back in other types of accidents or incidents.

Back injuries can occur in many different ways and can affect your soft tissue, spine, joints, and more. No matter how you hurt your back, however, it will likely have a significant effect on your life, as back injuries often cause pain and mobility limitations. The following are only some ways this type of serious injury can impact your life:

  • Medical costs – Many back injuries require medical attention and treatment to heal. You may have to visit your physician and/or a specialist to have your specific injury diagnosed. You may have to undergo physical therapy or other types of rehabilitation to regain mobility in your back. These injuries often require different medications and may even need surgery and hospitalization, the cost of which can add up quickly.
  • Missed income – Many people who injure their backs cannot go to work for a period of time. This is especially true if your job involves lifting or other physical tasks. However, even sitting in an office chair can be too painful if you have a back injury and you may have to stay home while you recover, which can result in lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering – Back injuries can cause extensive and chronic pain. This pain can wear you down, keep you from enjoying your life and from participating in your everyday activities. Even with pain medication, you may feel foggy and be very limited in what you can do on a daily basis.

When Can You Recover Financially After a Back Injury?

Losses from a back injury can be extensive and you can seek compensation for these losses if your injury occurred because of someone else’s negligence. Accidents that often allow you to recover can include:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Workplace accidents
  • Sports injuries

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