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Common Types of Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Any sort of car accident can result in a severe, debilitating injury, the effects of which can last the rest of a victim’s life. This also leads to astronomical medical bills that can be impossible for the average person to be able to afford. So, where do you turn if you were seriously hurt in an automobile accident that wasn’t your fault?

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These are just a few of some of the severe injuries that occur as the result of automobile accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Common Types of Injuries Caused by Car Accidents - Minnesota Injury - Mcewen Kestner PLLC Personal Injury Attorneys - Traumatic Brain Injury

Of all the types of injuries that stem from a car wreck, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is arguably the most devastating. It can rob a victim’s ability to perform even the most basic of tasks, and can also take away their memories. In many cases, a TBI can lead to personality changes. A victim can be so frustrated with the effects of this injury they can start to lash out at their loved ones. TBIs will often damage the portion of a victim’s brain that controls emotions.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Whenever someone disobeys the law and drives while distracted, or commits some other form of negligence, the results can be catastrophic. A severe spinal cord injury can take away a person’s quality of life in a different way than a TBI. It can render them unable to move – and as a result, unable to enjoy the activities they once loved. Even if a victim is lucky enough to still be able to walk, they may experience excruciating pain, as well as numbness, for the rest of their life.

Back Injuries

Common Types of Injuries Caused by Car Accidents - Minnesota Injury - Mcewen Kestner PLLC Personal Injury Attorneys - Back Injury

It doesn’t take much for a car wreck to result in a horrible back injury. Even relatively low-speed accidents can cause severe upper back damage, as well as damage to the chest and ribs. When bones in this area of the back are broken, it can lead to nerve damage that, unfortunately, can be permanent.

The lower back will often take the brunt of a collision as well. A sprained lower back can stretch tendons, muscles and ligaments far beyond their capabilities, resulting in severe pain as well as possibly mobility difficulties.

Internal Injuries

One of the most dangerous aspects of an internal injury is that it’s oftentimes not readily apparent. Someone involved in a car accident may have so much adrenaline running through their body that they don’t realize just how badly they’ve been hurt. They may delay medical treatment as a result, with possibly fatal results. As with most injuries that result from an automobile wreck, the cost of treatment to repair internal injuries can often reach into the tens of thousands of dollars – and possibly even more.


Automobiles are filled with combustible components, such as gasoline, oil and other fluids. When they catch fire in an accident, a victim can suffer catastrophic burns. If an explosion occurs after the accident, the damage can be even worse. Treatment often consists of terribly painful skin grafts, and it could take years to recover. Even then, the scarring can be so extensive that it causes victims to experience mental anguish.

Broken Bones and Fractures

Common Types of Injuries Caused by Car Accidents - Minnesota Injury - Mcewen Kestner PLLC Personal Injury Attorneys - Broken Bones

If a driver loses control of their car, due to faulty brakes, speeding, or some other reason, they could slam into another vehicle. This can, in many instances, lead to a victim suffering broken bones. Most of the time, breaks and fractures will heal on their own. But if a break is bad enough, surgery might be needed in order for the bone to completely heal. If a victim suffers a skull fracture, that will often require extensive surgical procedures.

Soft Tissue Injuries

One of the most common types of car wrecks is a rear-end collision. This can cause the driver’s neck to snap back and forth violently. This leads to whiplash–an injury that can result in severe damage to the tissues in the neck. Other injuries can include torn ligaments, muscles and tendons.

The good news is that most soft tissue injuries will heal without the need for any kind of invasive treatment. However, others can lead to chronic pain that requires expensive medications and medical procedures.

Disfiguring Injuries and Scarring

When a car accident victim suffers a burn, that person will often wind up disfigured for life. But disfigurement, as bad as it is from an appearance perspective, can also affect a person’s functionality. Teeth can be broken, making it impossible to eat solid foods until replacement teeth can be prepared.

Amputation and Crush Injuries

Drivers and passengers are often pinned in a vehicle, with arms or legs crushed by the twisted wreckage. If a crush injury is severe enough, blood flow can be restricted to the point that the limb must be amputated.

Mental Health Effects

All of these injuries can result in physical damage and pain. And to add to that, they often result in a great deal of emotional suffering. Victims will sometimes need the help of mental health professionals for years after an accident takes place.

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